Collegio San Luigi

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The palace of the Lily of Count Carlo Zani in via Cartoleria, became the Collegio S. Carlo under the direction of Count Zani, who welcomed boys and young people of the people. On the eve of the count's death he also entrusted the direction of his College to the P. Rector of the College of St. Francis, but he called him College St. Louis. Traces of good left the PP. Jesuits in these years of educational and religious activity. Alongside the nuclear work of education imparted in the two Colleges, they had organized seven Congregations of various religious activities. They had opened a Public Library for the dissemination of Religion to Culture. The Jesuits led the institutes until the Order was abolished in 1773 and then left to the Barnabite Fathers. The Barnabite Fathers settled in the palace in Via San Mamolo, which was the seat of the Montalto College until 1797. Here the historic Collegio S. Luigi finds its definitive residence. In the Napoleonic era the seat of the College of the Citizens became a barracks. The Fathers professors, secularized under French rule, could only re-establish their Congregation after 8 September 1816. In 1866 the Barnabites were again suppressed: their college was transformed into R. Liceo Ginnasio, the church of S. Lucia was converted first in the barracks, then in the gym and the Collegio S. Luigi became a warehouse. Until the assignment of the former Montalto boarding school, the Fathers used temporary accommodation for their schools. On 8 December 1873 the annexed church of S. Antonio Abate will be reactivated and in 1879 an internal theater in the 18th century style will be inaugurated, among the best in the city.
ADDRESS: via D'Azeglio 55, Bologna

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