Land of Motors

b&b park viewBologna and County Emilia Romagna are  Italy's “Land of Motors” where  some of the world’s finest  race cars and bikes are produced.
Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini are based here.
Each one of these internationally famous brands has a  Museum that tells the history of these iconic brands and they can all  be visited.
The Factories and the production lines can also be seen and the Ferrari even gives the option of a 15 mins test drive of a Ferrari sports car on the road.
The Ferrari factory and Museum are located  in Maranello, the Ducati  Motorbike Factory and Museum  are in Bologna, and the Lamborghini  Factory and Museum are  in the town of Sant’Agata, in the Bologna neighborhood
The Ducati Museum shows 50 years of racing heritage and tradition and informs about the history of the company from the 1920s when it was first founded.
The road and indeed the race original iconic  models are displayed,
At the production lines you will see these super fast motorbikes being made.
The town of Sant’Agata is the home town of Lamborghini. Accompanied by an official Lamborghini  guide, you will be shown the original models of these  luxury and legendary super cars.
At the production lines, you will see how every detail of these iconic cars is still handmade here

The Ferrari Museum testifies the history of the world’s premier brand as Ferrari is  still the most successful team in racing car history
Multimedia displays  will help enjoy the exhibition  that  includes race trophies, and the legendary cars  that are still the world’s  most desired sports cars.