The Nettuno Fountain

The Nettuno Fountain in Bologna city centreIt is located in Bologna`s main square between the City Hall and King Enzo`s Palace. The Nettuno Fountain is also called `The Giant` due to it`s large dimensions.


The marble and bronze masterpiece was commissioned by Pope Pious IV`s nephew to celebrate Rome`s prosperous governance of the city, it was designed by Tommaso Laureti , the bronze statue is the work of Jean de Boulagne de Douai, a Flemish sculptor, known ever since as Il Giambologna.

The location marks the exact centre of the urban area as determined back in Roman times, it is the intersection of the city`s two most important streets called Il Cardo and Il Decumano.

Nettuno, King of the Waters is seen  here in dominant attitude, to represent the Papal power that dominates the world as Nettuno dominates the waters. A nice little curiosity worth noting, the trident in Nettuno`s hand is the Maserati Car brand symbol, the Maserati car was first designed and manufactured in Bologna.

Visiting The Nettuno Fountain

ADDRESS: Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna

Map from Park View B&B to The Nettuno Fountain