Villa Ghigi Park

b&b near villa ghigi park in bolognaThe Villa Ghigi Park has an area of ​​almost 28 hectares and extends over the first hills immediately outside Porta San Mamolo.


We have news of the villa and its park from the early seventeenth century, when the building was built by the Volta family. Later it came under the control of the Malvezzi family. From 1840 the owner was Calisto Ghigi, to whom we owe the current name. In 1972 part of the park was donated to the Municipality of Bologna, which in 1975 opened to the public the green area near the city.

Inside the park it is possible to see the villa that gives its name to the park itself, no longer accessible, surrounded by some other small buildings, including the caretaker's house, currently being restored. Beyond the park, continuing south along the CAI 904 path, it is possible to reach the Hermitage of Ronzano.


The Villa Ghigi park is not fenced and is passable only on foot. A number of rest areas have been set up for visitors. The Villa Ghigi Foundation provides maps and illustrative material and periodically proposes guided views related to the seasonal vegetation cycles.

Visiting Villa Ghigi Park

There are two entrances to the park: the most usual and comfortable one is located in Via San Mamolo. There is a higher access reachable from Via di Gaibola, with ample parking.

ADDRESS: via San Mamolo, via dell'Osservanza

Admission  Free



Map from B&B to Villa Ghigi