The Rectory Room

Rectory is a rich shade of red typical of old Country Rectories.
It’s a very vibrant color which tends to deepen in the afternoon light to lend a very welcoming touch to the room.
Rectory houses a collection of animal portraits, painted in the 1800s by English and German painters. Back then it was very fashionable to portrait a horse that had won a race or a beloved pet dog, along with farm animals as well.
The bedside tables are carved rosewood and the chest of drawers is an original Louis XlV, the Sun King of France.
Rectory is a rather large room and can comfortably accommodate 3 people.
Rates for Rectory vary according to occupancy:
  • Single €60
  • Double € 95
  • Triple € 125
At ParkView b&b each room has its own charm. Each is individually furnished with antiques and still has its original, unique marble floor.
Each room has its own private bathroom, comfortable modern beds, double glazing, air conditioning, free wi fi.

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