Palazzo della Mercanzia

palazzo della mercanzia in bologna, Park View Bed and breakfastTrade and trade law under the same roof.

Upon entering Via Santo Stefano, the monumental Palazzo della Mercanzia, that has housed the Chamber of Commerce since 1797, holds sway over the little square bearing its name i.e.Piazza della Mercanzia.

Even before that date, the Palazzo della Mercanzia had hosted the Merchant Forum where the Mercantile Court sat in session.

Disputes of economic nature were settled within these rooms and sentences were publically announced from the little roofed  white marble balcony  on the facade.

According to tradition, fraudulent businessmen were tied to the central pillar of the portico and exposed to public shame

The palace was built in 1382.

The project was given to the architects Lorenzo da Bagnomarino and Antonio di Vincenzo. The latter being already famous for having drew the original plans of San Petronio.

The City Customs was located here. A portico was built in 1382 to connect 3 separate houses, owned at the time by the Town Hall, and these went to form the core of the new building. The portico was also useful for loading and unloading of merchandise .

A number of restorations and renovations took place over the centuries, as can be expected for buildings as old as this.

The latest in 1949 when the palace was  restored and partly rebuilt due to massive damages caused during  WW2

ADDRESS: Piazza della Mercanzia, 4 Bologna

PHONE: 051 239660

Individual visits permitted but group visits must be pre-booked
Access is limited upon entering and visits last about  one hour and a half

Map from Park View B&B to Palazzo della Mercanzia